Camp dates for summer of 2023

Over the past couple summers, Camp Judah have moved from two full weeks of camp to one week split between Sr and Jr camp. This was done in part because of the difficulty of finding enough counselors to staff two full weeks. It has always been our plan to get back to two full weeks and we have spent the off season talking to pastors and church leaders about connecting more with camp. While we have received a lot of positive response from churches, we didn’t feel comfortable switching back to two full weeks yet.

For the summer of 2023, Sr Camp will be August 13-16 and Jr Camp will be August 16-18.

We are hoping and planning to move back to two full weeks by 2024. We are using this summer to strengthen our support from churches and to increase our staff volunteers. If you are passionate about camp, you can help by encouraging your church to get more involved and by volunteering to serve at camp this summer.